Free internet chess

Chess trainer is a Correspondence chess & Go Server, here you'll find the strongest players in the world. Feel free to login or you can register if necessary. It is also possible to play rapid & blitz chess games on these Android apps.

Play rapid, lightning & blitz chess games online on this application, on Facebook as well.

Play advanced chess and correspondence chess tournaments & world championships, it's free.

Play the famous Fischer random chess variant on this dedicated application.

Play Go games, tournaments & championships online, for beginners to experts.

Play rated poker texas holdem games, tournaments & championships on this app.

A free timer for two players games (chess, Go, xiangqi), to play with friends or for cooking.

Play all FICGS games (chess, baduk & poker texas holdem) on this application.

An application for chess masters, to train to play rated games blindfold.

If chess 960 is not enough, play rated random chess games for even more fun.

Free chess & Go server Chess has not become a computer thing only, we all continue to have fun playing with friends of any level. Of course, databases & chess engines are powerful training tools but it is not really interesting anymore to lose all games against the most recent engines. Centaur games & correspondence chess remain interesting by this alliance human-machine even if it has become quite obvious than the human positive influence decreases as technology advances faster and faster.

Advanced chess has become a quite statistic thing, where finding the right opening book represent a good part of the work in round robin tournaments, just like in correspondence chess. FICGS chess championships offer another way to envisage the game, with its huge multi-stages knockout tournaments.

We also encourage you to play Go (baduk, weiqi, igo), a fascinating games even more complex than chess & way more longer to learn while rules are much simpler. You probably heard about the victories of AlphaGo over the best players in the world, anyway there is probably much to do yet before than machines reach a perfect play.

Poker texas holdem also seems to have become a computer thing as the best players have been beaten by solver bots in head's up already. Most probably it will become less interesting soon to play for money online but it will remain lots of fun to play poker just for fun. Here, you can play rated games for free and surely you'll find strong opponents at the highest level.


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