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Chess trainer is a Free Internet Chess & Go Server, one of the most serious places to play correspondence chess online. Please login through the mobile interface or feel free to register. You can also use the regular website to play online games. Finally, you can play rated chess games on FICGS applications for Android.

Play rated blitz & rapid games online on the chess trainer app, also on Facebook.

Play correspondence chess tournaments, FICGS cup & world championships.

Play rated chess 960 (Fischer random chess) games online on this application.

Play Go (igo, baduk, weiqi) online in rated tournaments from 21 kyu to 9 dan.

Play poker texas holdem head's up tournaments at correspondence time control.

A free 2 players games clock app, to play chess with friends or just for cooking.

Play chess, Go (baduk) & poker holdem tournaments on the FICGS application.

Training for masters, play rated chess games blindfold with this application.

Play this unique extended random chess variant on this dedicated application.

Play chess online Correspondence chess has probably lost some interest since the times when Fritz 5, Deep Junior, Shredder & Deep Blue just began to win games against grandmasters & even world champions. Then computer chess made a new step when Rybka, Fire, Houdini, Komodo & Stockfish reached stratospheric ratings, from 2900 to 3500 elo, humans were not able to rivalize anymore.

Obviously AlphaZero on the fastest systems may reach 3600 or 3700, and it becomes more and more difficult for any human to bring some value to computers analysis, but correspondence chess remains a huge challenge & a good way to deeply understand openings at least.

Go ("weiqi" in chinese, "baduk" in korean) may follow the same way as Google Deepmind's AlphaGo already beat the very best players from Korea & China, but this ancient asian game probably remains the most interesting game where human creativity keeps a good place.

Finally, poker texas holdem professionals are now crushed by programs as well, and poker rooms should be prepared to be invaded by solver bots, particularly when money is involved. Anyway, you can play poker holdem for free & for fun between your chess & Go games here at FICGS. Poker games are elo rated as well and there is a strong competition at top level.


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